Our Expertise


Workplace Wellness programs design, support and trainings

We offer workplace wellness programs that aim at increasing productivity and organizational/company profitability through enhanced employee health and wellness. Our wellness programs address different dimensions of wellness including physical, social, intellectual, environmental, spiritual and occupational, with specific focus on the prevention and management of lifestyle diseases and complications such as diabetes, cancer, obesity, high blood pressure, mental illness and HIV/AIDS.
These programs include:
  1. Employee Wellness Programme trainings
  2. Managing employee wellness programs
  3. Employee wellness programs training for coordinators
  4. Employee wellness training for wellness champions
  5. Peer Educators Training
  6. Peer Educators/Wellness Champions Open Day Challenge
  7. Workplace Coordinator Forums
  8. Workplace M&E plan development
  9. Wellness 90 minutes Talks

Manuals and IEC material development

Nope is equipped with vast experience in IEC & SBCC material development for more than 15 years, during which we have worked with different organizations and companies. This is through the use of strategic and efficient tools and models in coming up with high quality products as per our client’s specification and needs.

Specialized trainings and team building

We facilitate corporate team building and specialized programs designed as events, seminars or fun activities. These are tailor made for each organization & company and are geared towards improving performance and productivity by improving the way employees interact, ability to solve problems, boost morale and decrease stress level. These solutions are; corporate team building, corporate family fun Days, resource mobilization, grants management and donor relations training

Youth Welness Forums

Youth arcade are tailor made platforms for sharing sound information, inspiring and empowering youth with regular, correct and consistent information on health and life skills. They are tailor made for company and organization employee’s children for smart businesses. This is so as to foster open parent- teen communication, promote sexual reproductive health, mental health, sexual risky behavior diseases and non-communicable diseases awareness and enhance life skills and health promotion among the youth. These products are; - PARENT –YOUTH FORUM, YOUTH LIFE SKILLS ARCADE